Emergency Room/Trauma Chart Review

Medical records tend to be extremely lengthy, with most of the documentation being of no use when it comes to reviewing charges. The itemized bill from a hospital is no less complicated, and hospital bills tend to be riddled with complex descriptions and obscure codes that fail to explain what you are being charged for.

Emergency Room/Trauma Chart Review


I can provide you with a full review of emergency room and trauma service records that will tell you exactly what you have been charged for. If we discover that you have been charged with services you did not receive, I can help you write an appeal letter to get the charges dropped.

Appeal Letter Preparation

Writing an appeal letter is difficult, and the right wording and tone can make a substantial difference when the letter is being reviewed. As a healthcare billing expert, I have years of experience in writing appeal letters using the proper language to get unsupported charges dropped from my clients’ bills.

Appeal Letter Draft


I will prepare the necessary documentation you need to fight any incorrect charges. I have years of experience in writing appeal letters with the proper language to get the unsupported charges dropped from your bill.

General Healthcare Navigation Advice

Sometimes you just need help to navigate the system. It is a complex and full of twists and turns to get the answers you need.

Healthcare Navigation Advice


The healthcare system is complex and nuanced, and it can be difficult for the average patient to navigate. I am offering a general healthcare navigation service that can help you with virtually any question you have about the healthcare world. Do you need help locating a primary care doctor near you? Are you looking for a laboratory near your home? Unsure of what your next steps should be? Let me help you with everything you need when it comes to healthcare navigation. My services include a phone consultation as well as any follow-up advice you may need in my one-time payment. I use a sliding scale for all of my patients, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have limited financial means.