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Medical records tend to be extremely lengthy, with most of the documentation being of no use when it comes to reviewing charges. The itemized bill from a hospital is no less complicated, and medical billing and coding can be almost impossible to decipher on your own. It can be difficult to discern what you’ve been charged for, even if the total amount the medical institution is asking you to pay is an inordinately large number.

I will provide you with a full review of emergency room and trauma services records, as well as the itemized hospital bill to identify any unsupported or incorrect charges. I will help you through each of the required steps if you need to begin the emergency room billing dispute process.


*As a dedicated patient representative, I believe that a person’s ability to access the care they need should not be based on their financial means. My prices are flexible and can be adjusted according to your financial means, so please call me at 415-233-6082 to discuss your situation.