1. Successful Methods to Negotiate Medical Bills

      Anyone can be encountered with a higher medical bill that is seriously out of their budget. What should one do when they see themselves in a tight position where they have to pay bills but can’t afford it? There are some reasons you might be over-paying on your medical bill: You do not have pro…Read More

  2. Medical Bill Negotiation Basics, Part II

    There’s no shortage of stories about families in the United States who have been financially devastated by an unexpected illness or injury. While they help thousands of U.S. citizens each year, hospitals and healthcare institutions sometimes make errors when it comes to medical billing and coding,…Read More

  3. Medical Bill Negotiation Basics

    If you watch the evening news or read journalism from popular press outlets, then you’ve probably seen more than a few stories about families becoming financially crippled by unexpectedly high medical bills. Nearly everyone will become sick or injured at some point, and we can never plan for unexp…Read More

  4. What Does a Patient Advocate Do?

    There’s no getting around the fact that navigating the healthcare industry can be difficult. From reading emergency room bills to finding the best doctors in the area, many people understandably feel overwhelmed when they need to address a medical issue. Patient advocates can make healthcare navig…Read More

  5. Tips for a Lower Hospital Bill

    If you’ve watched the news or read any popular magazines in the last few years, you’re probably aware of just how financially crippling it can be to receive a large hospital bill. Even with health insurance, many Americans are finding themselves bordering on bankruptcy due to unexpected illnesse…Read More

  6. Apple makes grand entrance into healthcare world

    Article written for Bluberry Pi Consulting by Kainoelani Lee Recently, Apple, one of the world’s leading technology brands, has made its grand entrance into the healthcare world with its new and improved healthcare application. The application “makes it easy to learn about your health and start …Read More

  7. Trump’s Healthcare Proposal to Leave Elderly Americans Behind

    Written for Bluberry Pi Consulting by Kainoelani Lee In a recent proposal by the Trump administration, newly suggested regulations and legislation have threatened to leave the healthcare of elderly Americans behind. Newly proposed federal rules would “allow short-term health-care policies to span…Read More

  8. Best Proven Ways to Lower Emergency Room Bill

      The odds of worrying about finance rather than the patient’s emergency are very low. Life is much more expensive than anything else, and in the state of emergency, nobody cares about paying bills and his financial condition.  But when you’re confronted with such a massive ER bill, you get in…Read More