It can be disconcerting to see high medical bills; you can even get a mini heart attack too by seeing those numbers. Well, but we have to take care of our health, right? Yes, you should be concerned about your health but also never forget how much burden your wallet can bear. There are some ways to lower medical bills and make a difference. Here are some tactics you can use to reduce medical bills:

  1. Be Open:

Being open to your doctor with any financial limitations can help you get a fair discount at the start. Let your physician know that you cannot afford it because of your low income, fixed income or other essential expenses.

  1. Ask for a payment plan:

Don’t act crazy after seeing your medical bill and paying straight away with a credit card, ask them to make you a customized payment plan that works for you. They might make bigger payment plans (and they will) but just use the tactic number 1 there too.

  1. Negotiate without hesitation:

Negotiation skill is the key to discount, use it in a best possible way. Don’t hesitate in negotiating; even your insurance companies also negotiate with healthcare providers.

“He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of negotiation.” –Robert Estabrook

  1. Stay calm and polite:

Friendly and courteous behavior is preferred everywhere. If you want to lower medical bills, then you can politely ask your doctor, keeping in mind the tactics mentioned above.

  1. Pay in cash:

Paying in cash has its value and importance than paying via credit card. You get the power of negotiation if you are paying in cash. It can help lower medical bills to a great extent.

  1. Read your medical bill carefully:

A careful review of your medical bill can help you in spotting any intentional or unintentional error. You can also check the prices online and match them with your medical bill.