The odds of worrying about finance rather than the patient’s emergency are very low. Life is much more expensive than anything else, and in the state of emergency, nobody cares about paying bills and his financial condition.  But when you’re confronted with such a massive ER bill, you get into deep depression, in other words, it’s harder to recover from medical bills than the illness itself. These are some of many practical things you can do to lower emergency room bill:

  1. Get a detailed Emergency Room bill:

Requesting a complete statement can make you familiar with all the little expenses from the emergency room, you can look for additional charges and errors that can be added intentionally or unintentionally.

  1. Have the Emergency Room bill audited:

It’s always better to ask a professional to audit your emergency room bill. You can ask hospital’s medical staff to audit it for you, who can audit it better than them, right?

  1. Disclose your income:

If you are jobless or a job person with low income or fixed income, then you can ask your doctor or the billing person to lower your emergency room bill as you cannot afford to pay it. They can also ask you to provide proof of your income, and you have to disclose it so they can offer you some discount on its basis.

  1. Get in contact with your medical insurance provider:

If you have medical insurance and face a high of emergency room bill, you can always contact your insurance company so they can contact the hospital and negotiate on your behalf.

  1. Negotiate:

If you cannot do anything else, you still have the power of negotiation. Keep trying, demonstrate polite and friendly behavior to your doctor and ask him to offer you some relaxation on the bill because it will be much easier for you to pay a lower emergency room bill than a higher one.