There’s no shortage of stories about families in the United States who have been financially devastated by an unexpected illness or injury. While they help thousands of U.S. citizens each year, hospitals and healthcare institutions sometimes make errors when it comes to medical billing and coding, leaving patients stuck with extraordinarily high bills. We explained a bit about negotiating medical bills in a previous blog, and we’ll continue to explore that topic in today’s post.

Bluberry Pi Consulting is your go-to resource for patient advocacy and medical bill negotiation in the Bay Area. As your dedicated patient representatives, our goal is to fight on your behalf for a fair and correct medical bill. Are you interested in learning about how we can help you or someone you know? Get in touch with us to request a consultation appointment. We price our services according to your means and situation, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re feeling financially burdened.

Medical Bill Negotiation Continued

Draft an Appeal Letter

As we noted in our previous post, denied insurance coverage is one of the leading causes of unexpectedly high medical bills. When you’re attempting to negotiate medical bills, find out why your coverage was denied in the first place. Did the staff at the hospital or healthcare institution code a service incorrectly? Perhaps your insurance provider’s claims department made an error when looking at your coverage. Mistakes happen, and a well-written appeal letter can be the difference between paying $1,000 and $10,000 for a service. Bluberry Pi Consulting offers an appeal letter drafting service that can help you write an effective and compelling appeal letter.

Ask for a Payment Plan

You may still find yourself with a high medical bill after verifying that you’ve been charged correctly. If this is the case, then don’t immediately pay using a credit card. You can try negotiating with the billing department; often, patients are often able to secure substantial discounts by making a one-time cash payment and then scheduling the rest of their monthly payments.

Additionally, you should always check with the healthcare provider’s billing office to see if they provide low-income patients with financial aid. Hospitals sometimes have unadvertised stipends and grants they can use to assist patients who are financially burdened. Even if you make six figures, you may be eligible for financial aid due to the size of your bill, so it’s always worth your time to ask.

We hope that these posts will aid you in drafting an effective appeal letter. Whether you need assistance deciphering the coding used in your medical bill or you would like assistance with the wording of your appeal letter, Bluberry Pi Consulting is here to help. We offer patient advocacy services in the Bay Area, and we would be happy to help you reduce your financial burden. Our prices are flexible and can be tailored to your financial situation, so please don’t wait to contact us for help with medical bill negotiation.

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